Sunday, April 24, 2011

Caterer or Food Entertainer? The Grateful Giller Explains, You Decide

Hello my grilling friends!

Well, it used to be the joke when I lived out west ski bumming it that if you waited five minutes the weather would change on you. I guess the jokes on us east coasters now that we have been teased ever so much with the smell of spring over the last few weeks and then BAM, get yir freaking winter coat back on before you freeze to death! LOL! Ahhhh to be truly Canadian, I love it, and the challenges that come with mother nature. So I got to thinking the other day after a phone call I received from a potential client who's really interested to hire me for a party coming up in June about what people must think and wonder about my concept before they actually send me an email or pick up the phone to make the call and enquire.

I don't blame them a bit because if you haven't experienced my party's and been introduced to the kamado cooker as I present it, its all so new and foreign to most people and although that makes it part of the fun it can also be a bit nerve racking for my clients, but rest assured, when all is said and done everyone who experiences what I have to offer always come back for more and for that I stay humble and keep driving my passion to take the grateful griller party experience to new heights all the time.

I'm careful not to call myself a caterer because I'm not and here's why. Caterers make their money on the foods they create, typically off site and before they get onto location where ever they happen to be working. Caterer's also make their money on the foods that they create and mark up accordingly for you the client, and I don't. That's right, I don't make money or mark up the food I cook and grill for my parties but I do however make my money on the entire concept that I'm presenting to my clients, which is quite labour intensive. This formula has proven successful and competitive for me and my clients over the last few years because my clients get to experience a food concept like no other and I am able to expose and introduce the kamado cooker to everyone in attendance in a very discrete and subtle way and so far the feed back from these events has been really positive!

For me, its always been important that people are taken care of and really experience something that I am  promoting and introducing them to like the kamado cooker. I'm sure this belief of mine stems from my childhood where I was exposed to very close family and friends of my family who loved to entertain and trust me, we entertained a lot. I remember buffet tables full of wonderful and exotic foods, all kinds of wine and spirits, even beer, although it wasn't the chosen beverage in a primarily eastern european family. I remember those parties would happen at one of two houses, either my Aunt and Uncles in the small Laurentian town of Ste Agathe Des Monts, Quebec or at my house in the same town but nestled up in the hills about fifteen minutes away. I remember those parties like it was yesterday. If it were winter time the fire would be going and crackling away while our guests packed the house and if it were spring or summer the veranda would be party central, a hive of laughter and activity while the smell of bbq could be detected from miles away . People would show up by 4ish and not leave until the wee hours of the morning and as I looked on as a wide eyed curious six year old, I took it all in and I mean all of it!

To this day I can remember the smell of perfume blended with rich cigar smoke and music and dancing and people enjoying one another's company, a true experience with food, family, friends and music! It also helped that most of the elders especially my Aunt and Mother could really shake it in the kitchen and I'm talkin about sides of beef that would knock Prince Philip on his ass! Yes indeed friends, all these memories have inspired me on my journey with the kamado to introduce people everywhere to an entertaining, unique, delicious and memorable experience when you hire The Grateful Griller to make that next party happen for you!

I really enjoy connecting with my clients and I always make it a priority to have a one on one meeting with whoever is throwing the event a few months in advance so I can see the lay of the land and fine tune exactly what my client is looking for to make their party memorable. The atmosphere at these parties is always joyous and relaxed while the show unfolds with my kamado cookers taking centre stage. Like a dj with his turn tables I get the party started as I fire up my earthen vessels and begin to manage smoke and fire always striving to find the perfect balance while alchemy takes over and infuses a variety of delicious foods. My staging area is always positioned so my guests feel welcome to interact with me and ask questions about this awesome cooking medium and get up close and personal with the kamado cookers doing their thing.

I'm normally on location at these parties from start to finish ensuring that every detail is taken care of and that my clients are enjoying their own party and not having to worry about anything because after all, why should anyone have to work at their own party? All the foods I prep, grill and serve are fresh the day of the party and are served tapas/buffet style for all to enjoy! My clients have the flexibility when working with me to make their own arrangements for outside tents, party rentals, sanitation needs, photography, music integration and such or I can be of help in these departments with my own contacts that I have successfully worked with over the last few years but rest assured whatever your needs are, they will be met and handled efficiently.

The Grateful Griller Party Experience can be hired for groups ranging from 5 to 125 and I am also launching my deck side kamado demos this Spring for upwards of 12 people so if you happen to own your own kamado or not and want to learn the secrets to grilling that much better on these mystifying vessels you have found the right guy and company and in the words of "Sly And The Family Stone", I want to take you and your party experience higher!

Over the last few weeks I have enjoyed just chilling out to some truly great music as I experiment on my deck with smoke and fire and continue taking my grilling games to higher places and the next few lines were inspired by two artists that couldn't be more opposite but I love them both and really enjoy what they have created over the years. As always the next few lines came to me while listening to "Smashing Pumpkins" and "Minus Blue" and some of the lyrics were borrowed and altered by yours truly!

Feed the fires my friends and all your desires to take your grilling games higher........

Today Is The Greatest Kamado Day!

Today is the greatest day I have ever known!
I'm gonna fire you up,
I'm gonna turn you on,
Can't live for tomorrow when today's not even gone.

I'd tear my heart out and keep shouting out how marvelous you are.
With family at my side and friends at the bar.
I'll be standing not too far with a grin on my face, knowing your the real star of this grilling show "k".

Before I get out, I want it all!
More than you can imagine as we answer the call.
A special place to call my own, the passion in me and the fire in you.
A lifestyle we own as we bring this story home.

This is our choice and my voice will be heard across this land!
As the band tunes up and the lights go down kamado fire will be felt all across this town.
I'm feeling young in my shoes, never preachin the blues but instead I'm sinkin eight ball into corner pocket and with the help of lucky "13" around my neck chain locket I find inspiration to create another occasion to dance my dance in this kamado like trance.

So let's come together right now, in sweet harmony, just you and me, cos I'm gonna fire you up and I'm gonna turn you on.
You know we can't live for tomorrow when today's not even gone.......

peace, fire, smoke and food........


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Marketing 101, The "Leave It To Beaver Way"!

Hola grillers!

I don 't know about you guys but I'm loving the longer days and dare I say that Spring cleaning gets me motivated to get all I need in place so I can drop it into high gear and keep the kamado fires burning through Summer! I recently received an email from a friend who like myself is completely immersed in the ways of the kamado and the lifestyle that goes with it. We have been exchanging emails for a few years now on everything to do with the kamado cooker and believe it or not he is as passionate a bloke as I am about inspiring people to engage with this cooking medium. Although the email had to do mostly with business that I won't get into the topic of marketing as it relates to the kamado came up, which as you all might guess has motivated me to tap this key board of mine and churn out another post for the books!

He touched on the fact that its quite astonishing that although the kamado cooker in its original state has been around for thousands of years, the kamado in all its glory as it stands today is virtually unknown, a mere spec on the bbq industry radar and most people, if you ask them if they know what a kamado is, shrug their shoulders and reply a ka-whato? I chalk this up to a few major things that are not being done in this tiny segment of a huge industry worldwide but ultimately it comes down to a lack of "out of the box" thinking, creativity, and articulating a stronger message about a fantastic "lifestyle" and not just a product to sell or purchase! I've been selling quality oriented products in various industries for more than a few decades now and I'll be the first to tell you folks that I can sell anything to anybody if I put my heart and soul into it, but honestly, I'm not passionate and energized to bounce out of bed every morning just to sell and promote anything and frankly the days of having to impress my boss or hit a sales forecast are long gone since I became my own boss.

For me, the kamado has turned into something that is part of my everyday life and lifestyle which I revel in with my friends, family and clients and I go to crazy extremes to make an excuse to host yet another party, a celebration with fire, smoke and earthen vessel for all to enjoy! You could say that I've become so involved and obsessed with this beautiful object that I'm less focussed on how many units these companies are selling world wide and much more interested to engage with someone and educate them properly and perhaps even inspire them to want into the "kamado club". I also feel that in our day and age and with the internet feeding us information at a million times faster than ever before people are more reluctant to simply invest in things that are frankly, as unique and intriguing as the kamado is.  Above and beyond the internet which we can all agree is the main medium today to find valuable information, people still need a trustworthy outlet to get straight answers ( hard to find) or a remarkable retailer ( not easy to find either) or an unbiased expert in the given field like myself!

One things for sure, if you love to cook and grill and bake and roast outdoors on your deck over natural lump charcoal, the kamado will enhance your experience, BIG TIME! More importantly, it should last a near lifetime and become part of those favorite possessions of yours that hold so many great memories as you grill and cook through the years! In my experience, the kamado's that I own have literally become an extension of our family because they provide such great food whenever they are fired and we almost always talk about our last meal for days leading up to our next meal!

Perhaps the main reason that the kamado to date hasn't garnered the attention it so deserves is because the companies that you would think should be leading the charge and excitement in this category from an education and marketing point of view haven't done all that much to really excite anybody on their products, at least in the last ten years. Yes, I agree, the festivals surrounding these cookers that we hear about happening south of the border are great, and now, they are starting to pop up here in Canada but its pretty clear to me that most of the  manufacture's have left the majority of the marketing strategy up to "word of mouth". It kinda reminds me of the 80's when Vidal Sassoon believed their shampoo to be the best and were relying on women everywhere to tell two friends and so on and so on! Word of mouth is fine and often effective and the best way to market a product with little to no cash expenditure but a product as special as the kamado deserves so much more in my humble opinion. The kamado needs much more attention at a global level for many reasons which I will touch on in later posts very soon!

I mean its one thing to produce a great product but I think we can all agree that if these manufactures  don't properly execute on their overall "message" to the masses about their products and have the courtesy to educate you the end consumer, who's going to get excited? I mean really, WTF!!!! ( did I just drop an "f" bomb?) Oops! It must mean I'm worked up! LOL! Seriously my friends, I think its truly amazing that the newest kamado player on the block being "Kamado Joe"  have executed their  message and marketing strategy at lightning speed in just two years and by doing so have made a small dent and taken market share away from the big guns like BGE and Primo! From their cookers to their accessories, to their "MoJo" newsletter that hits the wire monthly, they have gone and go the extra mile to make it that much easier for you to learn and perhaps become motivated to want to buy their product and join their club! I applaud them for this! Once again and for the record, they don't pay me to say this, honest!

I'm also excited to eventually see the kamado  break out of the conventional "bbq" business mold its been slotted into for the past three decades and start surfacing in new exciting markets like "kitchen specialty" for instance! After all, I know better than most that delicious chicken, pork and ribs produced by these cookers are all foods at the very tip of the iceberg for this product that is capable of doing so much more than just basic bbq. As I say to people all the time, the kamado can and will sear steak and bake cake that will certainly impress those hanging on your deck. On the flip side of the bbq business equation its obvious to me that its an industry dominated by the cheap and cheerful gas grill segment that must make up 95% of sales annually if I'm accurate. Yup, find a factory in China, set up shop, get those relationships with distributors nailed so they can in turn, get their retail networks excited and then pump and dump till their hearts delight, click "n" poof! It really makes me wonder about the "value" we place on certain products in our society today and is "cheaper" in fact better and more importantly is the kamado misunderstood altogether and getting lost in the shuffle some where? As for the fate of the kamado, it could very well be that for all the kamado is today, its far more than most can afford and based on how many business channels it needs to travel through before getting to you, the price is steep, no doubt at all, and don't get me going on the US exchange rate compared to our Loonie and how that's effecting the retail price of the kamado in Canada!

One things for certain my grilling friends! The days of color catalogs and perfectly air brushed brochures depicting the perfect family unit with Dad serving up perfectly grilled plastic squash and chicken on a possible and probable plastic kamado that isn't even fired up are, in a word, OVERRRRRRRRRR! I mean really, can I have extra cheese with that visual sales pitch? I'm elated and more than fired up to bare witness and be a part of the kamado's journey that's just now starting to get the attention it so deserves as it gains popularity in North America. People need to get the right information on what to buy and why and they need to be sold the right unit for their lifestyle. Also, understand that you have options in this market called "kamado" my friends and the best unbiased, go to resource to make your purchase a wise one is The Grateful Griller.

Until we meet again, keep feeding all your fires and desires to take those grilling games higher!!!!!!!

Humble G

As always, I leave you all with my latest thoughts, feelings and reflections on a journey with the kamado thus far which has given me and mine so much and has taken so little in return. This last few weeks I have been inspired by the music of the "Killers", "James Blake" and "Coeur De Pirate"! Let the music play............

My Kamado Kalling

I'm down on my knees "k" with blistered hands and torn jeans.
We are all human and some of us are "grillers"looking for answers.
Yearning to grill and seek out the thrill to fill our plates with smokey fire flashed fare!
I stand here grateful for platefuls of pleasure I produce at my leisure.

These tapas treasures go down so fine with a rich glass of wine.
Its down right sublime, quite possibly devine!
This is kamado time and today I feel so fine!

We will dance through the smoke and enjoy a few jokes while kamado's earthen walls answer our taste buds calls and cravings while we party into the night!
Give my respects to gas and wish him well for I know time will tell as we all say farewell to the hard sell story and all its glory.

I did my best to notice when my kamado calling came down the line.
Sometimes I got so nervous I could feel fear shooting right up my spine.
So I cut the cord and will eternally never be bored.
By taking this leap I've learned the valleys are deep but the climb has been so much steeper!

This simple message so vital, perhaps even tidal and the waves of pleasure could and should be used as a measure to score the happiness you will feel when you seal your own kamado deal and feel the vibe this lifestyle offers.

So with my eyes on the road ahead and hands firm on this truck wheel I dream of home tonight, that party was outta site!
My heart beats fast and I want this feeling to last!
I've been this way almost ten years to the day and I guess I'll keep on ramblin on, singing this kamado song, for all who care to listen!


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Obsessed, Possessed, A Self Confessed Expert On All Things Kamado!

Greetings from the "GTO" lab grillers!

Can't you just feel it coming? Spring has certainly sprung although the minus ten degree mornings still remind me that winter's air is still lurking! At this time of year I take advantage of precious time and weeks leading up to early April to prep my grilling gear for "The Grateful Grilling Party Experience" which anyone who has experienced will tell you is a bit, or bit more than a bit of a road show, no doubt!
This is the time of year I roll out the "kamado rover", air out the two XL Primo ovals that sit proudly inside of it and start going through a massive check list of things to do and go over to ensure my gig is ready to roll. Last year my first party was May 8 and this year I am anticipating an early start in April based on bookings thus far, good news indeed!

From the greasing of wheels to the checking of nuts, bolts, gaskets, and ceramic parts I go over things with a fine tooth comb because frankly when you are traveling with 2000lbs. of gear and over 50% of it is made up of ceramic there's no room at all, for error! This time of year also makes me reflect back on what's truly been an amazing journey thus far with my partner "k". Anyone who knows me well will tell you, I think, that I pull no punches when it comes to the real deal on the kamado cooker and category as a whole. Emails are now coming into my office from all over the world from excited people everywhere about this ancient earthen vessel called kamado!

Sometimes the questions are basic and other times they are complex but all in all they are good questions about what to buy, where to buy, how much to spend, where to save money, what accessories to purchase, are they as good as the companies say they are and the list goes on and on and on. It's for this very reason and after a decade of hard core experience I think I can call myself, ( tongue in cheek) a self confessed expert on the subject because, well, as most of you know, I have tirelessly researched and cooked and put together and taken apart and physically sold hundreds of these cookers and drawn my own conclusions on what's good, what's not so good and what to look for before you purchase your own and it goes back to my simple few questions that I pose to all people before putting your money down!

how many people are in the family?

how often do you entertain and for how many on average?

what kind of outdoor living space/deck area do you have?

what kind of budget do have to allocate to the purchase?

what are you expecting from your new kamado cooker?

As I have said in past post's these questions must be thought through carefully and once answered you are then ready to start shopping for the best kamado that suits your lifestyle and pocket book and as I predicted over three years ago now, you have options people and lots of them!  I'm of the opinion that if you are spending this kind of money to the tune of $800-$1000 one deserves service with a smile from door to door and as I used to do when I retailed these cookers, I delivered an experience to my clients and grilled their first meal for them as well! Why you ask? Simple, I wanted to make an impression forever and instill a level of confidence in my client that I was there for them and for the record I'm still there for all my clients via my on deck "demo's". So, find a retailer that's service driven, find the kamado expert on the floor, demand it even, by asking that person if they have ever used a kamado and if so what kinds and what are the differences etc, etc, etc, but then again that's precisely why I'm here, partly that is, and please think of me as your go to expert with practically all the major kamado brands that exist today. With my help and expertise you will make the right decision, guaranteed, and my advice is free but my parties you ask, well that's a different story!

The companies you will hear a lot about today and moving forward are Big Green Egg, Primo, Kamado Joe, GrillDome, Kamado King, Saffire, and Comet. It would appear that Dragon Fire is not in business anymore, however, I have recently found a company called "Sunrise" Kamado who has adopted a product that looks identical to what used to be called Dragon Fire but buyer beware!!! There's lots of product coming out of various parts of the world and many more in the years to come and this is where a great retailer with a great reputation for customer service is key because you need to make sure you have a warranty!

FACT! You will burn through felt gaskets, temp gauges and you will crack fire boxes and fire rings and based on the warranties from the various brands the fine print explains in detail what's considered a warranty or not but again most of these companies do a great job backing up their products, most of the time. Its important to note as well that the money you are putting down only starts with the cooker but you should allocate at least $200-$300 additional dollars for useful accessories that enhance your over all  grilling and cooking experience, i.e. indirect cooking accessories that deflect heat and turn your kamado into a convection like oven for long slow cooking sessions or extended grids to increase space on your grill so you can fit more onto the surface. All these things are important but cost you more money so once again, ask questions and really zero in on what you want your kamado for and then and only then will you be truly happy with your purchase!

Anyone who I have met thus far over the last decade who has taken the plunge and spent money on the kamado has done so because they, like me, were after something different, special, long lasting, quality oriented and simple and it doesn't get simpler than the kamado and honestly after a few thousand years they haven't changed all that much in the way they function. If you ask me, invest in a table or make your own for your cooker and skip the side tables and stands that most of these companies sell as add on items because its the kamado magic you are after or should be after and the extra space for storage, and cooking/grilling surface area is a huge bonus!

Ok, so you want to know WHAT KAMADO DO I INVEST IN OH GRATEFUL ONE? Here's how I break it down thus far!


I have coined an expression "P" stands for Primo and "V" stands for versatility! Bottom line and a sensible choice when it comes to more grill space which means more food on your cooking surface, works for me and will work for you thanks to oval construction and the only made in USA story out there! These guys do a junior oval version which is fantastic for smaller families that don't entertain to often or single folks and couples who simply want to experience the kamado touch! Before you invest in a more expensive round kamado, check into pricing on the Primo round version because it really works well and although its not they're #1 model by a long shot you may find a smoking deal on line or elsewhere. If you ask me what size to purchase, I will always tell you to buy bigger, you will thank me later!


A beautiful round kamado that comes in color options, pre-assembled with stainless component kit and the only kamado company that has a technical story that's explained with their "Terepex" technology. What they lack in cooking accessories they make up for in performance and the spring hinge on the back of these cookers is the smartest I've seen thus far in category as it makes lifting the lids a cinch for anyone! If you live in Canada, you should cover these cookers and keep them away from potential hazardous falling objects like ice, and snow. They don't have a baked glaze finish and instead have a baked painted finish which suits warmer climates better but nevertheless a gem of a cooker and fantastic customer service!

Kamado Joe

It might look like a red Big Green Egg but these guys are blazing a kamado trail of their own with by far the best marketing story in the business and a round kamado cooker that comes in two color's, black and red. Everything from top to bottom goes toe to toe with any of the existing kamado companies currently on the North American market and their recent unveiling of the "Pro Joe" kamado which literally stunned passers by as the story goes at the latest HPBA Show has proven that "Kamado Joe" are here to stay and are most certainly innovators for the category! Bottom line is the steak tastes fine with KJ on your deck!


What can I say? This kamado comes in at a great price for what you get and if your purchase is solely based on price, it might be something worth looking at because the price is right! It looks identical to what used to be called "Dragon Fire" exception to the wood chip hole on the front of the cooker and its a solid little device that churns out tasty food! With the exception to a lower volume lid/dome this kamado is good value for those on the hunt!

Big Green Egg

I still and always will have a place in my heart for this kamado because as I've mentioned before it's the very reason I got so passionate about this way of cooking and although they are the #1 worldwide seller of this type of cooker they certainly have a pant load of competition out there! Their medium and large models are the most popular for good reason, they work and they work well! These guys have finally started to create better accessories for their units as well and if they could only pre-assemble them that would make things a lot easier for both retailer and end consumers! With a significant North American following the company have been around since '73 thanks to Ed Fischer who for the record is a hell of a nice guy who I got the chance to meet a few years back in Orlando and we had a great chat about the kamado and my concept! So, chances are if your neighbor has one, you'll want one too but if you get on the magic green bus you must invest in a plate setter at the very least and search out options for pizza stones because the accessories for these guys tend to be pricey!

Kamado King

You want to talk about an interesting guy and kamado? You have to get in touch with the man I call Augie! I met him over the phone a few years back while researching the category and he still has an original "Imperial Kamado" on hold for me to complete the collection so to speak but Augie is selling his own version of the kamado which I have had a tremendous amount of fun with since I took delivery of it a few summers ago! Its bare bones and basic and I honestly like his cooker as much as I like his street fighting attitude for taking care of people and bargaining for the best price on stuff. Although I have never met him in person I really look forward to the day I do because this chap puts his money where his mouth is and has a fascinating history that goes way back with the kamado and a retailer called "Pacinko Palace" of all names. Anyways, you can find him on line by searching "Kamado King" and tell him the Grateful Griller sent you! FYI, its the best priced kamado product that works on the market currently!

So, I've said my piece about the above mentioned brands but as always I love to save the best for last! To  date there has only been one other company that is producing kamado's but can't be compared the same way to the brands I have spoken about already because "Komodo Kamado" are in a league all on their own. Their fearless and creative (beyond words) owner Dennis Linkletter not only produces the most beautiful and efficient kamado that I have personally cooked on to date but he has taken the entire game to a new level by producing his product out of "refractory" based material which takes the entire cooking experience up 100%!!!! He has been able to re-create a kamado that is as nice to look at as it is to use and when you own one of these cookers one gets the feeling you are in the presence of something so special that words believe it or not, fail me. LOL! Seriously friends, I feel the kamado's ancient origins in the presence of this product and the fact that each of these cookers are finished with a gorgeous, personalized mosaic tile is just the start of the journey! When they are fired up you barely know it but when food comes off of them and you taste the difference, its jaw dropping!

Anyone who takes their outdoor cooking lifestyle seriously and wants the best, does not have to look much further than Komodo Kamado for re-defining the art, technology and functionality debate because its not up for debate. Every single detail from top to bottom of these vessels is as remarkable to look at as they are to cook on and every time I cook on mine I learn so much more about the method. Komodo Kamado come with price tag's starting at around $3000 US and move up from there and are sold direct to consumer anywhere in the world today so if you are the type of person who can afford this investment  and demands the best, Komodo Kamado are your go to company! Komodo Kamado customer service is also impressive beyond belief especially considering that Dennis lives in Bali, Indonesia year round! He is truly one of the nicest guys I have met to date in this business and by far the most knowledgeable when it comes to the kamado and how to make it and the over all cooking experience better!

Well, that's another kamado post for the "grateful" archives and I can't tell you all how excited I am to get the coming summer going so I can get on your decks and keep spreading the word on the "grilled to obsession" lifestyle that for me defines much of who I am, a guy who's crazy passionate about my family, my food, my friends, my music and without a doubt my kamado! I leave you all with a few lines that came to me while listening to some old classic Zeppelin and the song "Ten Years Gone" which reminded me that when my journey with the kamado started my daughter was in diapers and now she's almost ten and although I'm shocked at how fast time goes by we all have to make the most of every day, so find your passion and at all costs, live it large!

Feed those fires friends!!!!!!!

Kamado Street Preacher

Standing amongst all this snow, you bare witness to my passion grow.
To grill in silence, just you and me "k".
Ice and fire as my inner flames shoot higher, cold trees surround us with snow laden branches.
Ten years gone, risks, guts and chances!
All I want to do is grill with you, scrape the grill, kick and chill.

Coals hot and ready, throw it down, nice and steady.
To be one with you all, we will celebrate, party and answer the call!
Feel the fire, hear the crackling choir, feel so good, you'll never tire.
Bottom of the ninth, my bases are loaded and my message hasn't corroded!
Grateful grilling story exploded!

A jet stream I welcome all to ride, enter the rip and feel the rising tide!
Fat steaks, fruity crapes, whatever it takes, kamado will see it through for you and your crew.
Bake, sear, grill and roast I raise my glass to you "k" and make a toast to you, our speechless host who allows us to coast and enjoy these moments with those who matter most........

feed the fire and desire to take your grilling games higher!


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Is Your Wallet And Chamber Big Enough For This Silver Bullet?

Hola Grillers!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you are all enjoying a fantastic week of grilling and chilling as we all look forward to Spring,  and the ski season coming to a close, breaks my heart but it has been grand!  Last year at this time I made the trip down to Orlando Florida to the largest trade show in the bbq industry called HPBA. I cannot believe time has flown by this fast but it has and that trip was a great one for me for many reasons. First I got to meet and connect with many suppliers, grillers and people in general who all flock to this show once a year which is closed to the general public as it is more directly linked to the specialty retail channels across North America. It gave me my first opportunity as well to meet all the "kamado heads of state" as I like to refer to them as, and, who all brought their "A" games to the floor for all to see and savour over a three day period of time.

There was George at Primo, Steve at Saffire and a fantastic unplanned rendez-vous with Mr. Big Green Egg himself, Ed Fischer! Great guy and a real gentleman who after all and thanks to his product inspired me to become The Grateful Griller! The owner of Cypress Grill wasn't there and the fine folks at GrillDome opted not to attend. Then there's the fit as a linebacker, soft spoken Irishman named Bobby Brennan, commander and chief at Kamado Joe, a company that's been turning head's in the kamado market for well over two years and they are showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon! Rumor on the grilling streets is this guy and company make fast, razor sharp decisions with bulls eye accuracy and engage any and all fans of his products with a customer service oriented approach rarely seen in most industries!

Now, as some if not all of you know by now Bobby befriended me about a year and a half ago to find out what my concept was all about and get an understanding about what my intentions were within the kamado market and from our first conversation I genuinely liked the guy and his enthusiasm about his business. After some time getting to know one another Bobby eventually hired me and my small video production arm appropriately called "Grateful Griller Productions" to create video content for his brand. It was a huge step forward for me and a chance to really engage a major kamado player in the marketplace and get my name and passion out for all to see! Needless to say the project was a great success for both of us and I'm hoping there will be other projects like it in the near future, after all, its not everyday that a small passionate individual like me, a.k.a "The Grateful Griller" gets the chance to create the video look and feel for someone else's product especially another small brand building a following as well in the world we call kamado!

"Kamado Joe" from the beginning have quite frankly been looked upon at first glance as a BGE knock off brand but take it from the griller friends, this is far from the truth and I'll admit from a far the vessel itself does in fact look like a red green egg but once you really start zoning in on the details there are many improvements and differences in contrast to their biggest competitor. For the record, anybody selling this KJ product and advertising "red is the new green" should re-think their marketing approach because "Kamado Joe" have demonstrated numerous times over the past few years to me anyways, why they are different from the world's #1 seller.

The list of product detail differences are many, i.e. and starting at the top with the oversized temp gauge, the stainless steel bands and smaller hardware, bamboo handle and side tables, better and more durable felt gasket's which have been tried tested and true by yours truly for almost two years to date and all this comes to you, the end consumer, pre-assembled and basically ready to go out of the box! I also forgot to mention the pre assembled powder coated stand to house your new vessel as well! What happens when you open the lid for the first time? Bam!!! There's a stainless steel cooking grid complete with wood chip trap door ready to go for that first steak, very nice indeed!

For any non-believers still stickin to their knock off debate, all one has to do is get a glimpse of the newest creation that was just unveiled at the latest HPBA Show down in Salt Lake City! It had to happen I thought to myself and yes friends, Mr. Brennan and Co. have launched the newest member of the KJ family called "Pro Joe", ( a Vesta Award Winner) and for the record it has nothing to do with football or Theismann, yet this new kamado at least at a glance over the computer has super star quarterback character traits without a doubt!

In Bobby Brennan's words, "innovation always starts with a question"? True enough and I agree, and at first glance "Kamado Joe" must have had a pile of questions on the tablet when they dreamt up their latest project and kudos to them as well for thinking out of the box and gunning toward legitimately stretching the envelope and wowing the masses even though the masses will probably not be able to afford this work of art but impressive it is, nonetheless!

Some of the key features on the new "Pro Joe" include a much higher thermal retention capability, slick and polished stainless aesthetic, reengineered ergonomics, higher functionality, and by all accounts a "perfectly" counter balanced hinge system to support the lid of the cooker which weighs in at an impressive 575lbs! It's evident to those not even remotely familiar with this niche market that aesthetically speaking the new "Pro Joe" makes sense for those who have existing "outdoor living spaces" and who already own a stainless gas grill or range and have caught wind of the fact that the kamado cooker will and can take your grilling games to new levels!

So, it would appear that even though Kamado Joe and their newest addition called "Pro Joe" aren't the first to the plate with a sophisticated and refined, not to mention high end kamado styled cooker they have most certainly made it clear to those who love this cooking medium that they want into the ring for a chance to declare themselves the newest heavyweight champion of the category! For more info on Kamado Joe check them out at and as this post title suggests, if you're outdoor chamber and bank account are big enough, this silver bullet just might be for you!

Over the last few weeks my musical tunes and listening pleasure have been somewhat, well, all over the freaking map! So let's just say that the next few lines friends were inspired by Tina Turner, The Velvet Underground and capped off with The Grateful Dead! Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Spring is in the air!

Feed those fires and desire to take all your grilling games higher!!!!!!!!!!

You Are Simply The Best "K"

You are simply the best "k", better than all the rest!
So much so Bobby B, it makes me want to puff out my chest and scream it to the world at large!
Power to the people and the pork, no need here to use a fork!
Get stuck in like Jamio O! Twirl around dosi-doe!
Winter's chill makes me grin and bite, no need here to put up a fight!
Just chill and grill with fire and ice, meat melts in mouth, smoke smells so nice.

Beats bouncin from my truck, no need to get stuck on ceremonies!
Let's start a fire and take this kamado party higher!
Foods of all kinds will blow your minds as we get the steel wheels in motion and cause one hell of a commotion!
A notion we can all have and celebrate a better day and with kamado at our side, what can I say?

We're gonna grill this and sear that, hone these skills and get them down pat!
You're simply the best "k", better than all the rest!
Our gig has become part feast and part fest and no longer feels like a test but instead a light hint of zest!
A punch with some crunch, let's do lunch and dream of all tomorrow's parties, Lou Reed style.

Kamado be mine, kamado be yours, strike that match and open up those culinary doors!
Hit the floor dancing like the devil with an open mind and a huge heart and except this as simply the start of bigger things yet to come on such a long strange trip thus far.........

G keeps truckin!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Kamado=Expensive! The Food, The Memories, The Parties With Those Who Matter Most=Priceless!

Hello grillers!

Well, where the hell did January go? Man time flies when your having fun, grilling fun that is!  Life has been busy in The Grateful Griller camp as I put the final touches on my direction for the year! Lots of new projects on the go and I'm really looking forward to Spring's arrival but not to get too far ahead of myself the reality is that we still have 7-8 weeks of winter left up here in Canada, ( I hope!) and I'm in no rush for the ski season to end anytime soon and as some if not all of you know by now the kamado cookers work just fine in deep snow or scorching heat.

I get the pleasure of speaking to many different people from all walks of life on a weekly basis about all things kamado and the other day I was riding the chair lift with a man who follows my blog and when he figured out who I was after our introduction we ended up skiing 4-5 runs together and chatting about the kamado cooker itself and how wonderful they really are. He didn't own one as of yet but I could tell he really wanted one and also wanted to dive into this lifestyle and cooking medium head first but one thing was holding him up, PRICE!

I explained that I totally understood his concern and agreed with him that for what the kamado cookers are today comparing apple to apple that is and understanding there are a number of middle people involved in the current business model for the most recognized brands, they are pricey, especially considering that you are really investing in a solid glazed ( in most cases) clay pot to cook and grill inside of, but, and this is a very big BUT, one has to ask the question, how does one put a price tag or value on something that clearly provides such great times for you and your family not to mention the awesome food they produce?

I for one know that all the kamado cookers that I have personally invested in over the years are worth their wait in gold regardless of the fact that I fully understand approximately what the product cost to produce in the first place.  I remember when I first fell head over heels for The Big Green Egg back in 2001, and trust me friends, I could sell them like nobody's business and really got behind the product, it felt good to inspire total strangers on a fabulous way of cooking/grilling but more often than  not and at the end of long day's, I would say to myself, why am I working so hard to sell a product that I really love for so little financial return? This is where the pendulum really took a swing in the other direction for me and I got to thinking about alternative ways of inspiring the masses on the "kamado" cooker itself because truthfully friends, I am fascinated by these earthen vessels, obsessed is a better word and my hope one day is that they can be produced for a much larger audience that can afford them.

Enter The Grateful Griller Party Experience!  Power to the people and let the people have the final say on wether the kamado cooker is worth it or not and I couldn't be happier to be able to utilize various kamado's at my events to share, enlighten, inspire and educate people with what their options really are without a bias twist to the story! That's right, I don't sell and am not endorsed by any one particular kamado company and hence I can basically spell it out for my audience at large what they should think about before investing in one of the many fabulous kamados that exist in our current marketplace and there are certainly a few that rank high in my books and whatever you do, research all of of them, get in touch with me because you'll thank me later!

The brand leaders in the marketplace today and new arrivals on the kamado scene are The Big Green Egg, Primo, GrillDome, Kamado Joe and Saffire! There are also a few smaller companies like Comet, DragonFire and Kamado King that you can get product from both at retail and online! At last years HPBA show in Orlando I came across the Cypress Grill/Kamado and to date haven't cooked on it but at $700 Canadian it too is turning heads and comes fully assembled and is exclusively being sold through "Lowes".  As we get into  2011 it's going to be fun watching a trend in even better materials emerging for kamado cooker's everywhere with "refractory" based materials becoming more popular. To date "Komodo Kamado" from Bali Indonesia reign as the all out leader in both innovation and creativity with what is by far the most stunning piece of outdoor grill equipment I have ever set my eyes on and Dennis Linkletter, ( owner of Komodo Kamado) is leading the charge with his "refractory" based product which  is a combination of art and technology and will surely be getting the attention it deserves in the months and years to come. It should also be pointed out that Komodo Kamado is shipped direct anywhere in the world and the customer care/service you get from this company is stellar, I know this because I have one and the attention to detail from port to port was very impressive to say the least!

So my friends, are kamado cookers expensive? Yes indeed, but to borrow some of Master Cards ad campaign thunder and as this post title suggests, the kamado might be expensive and you might have to sacrifice a few things in your life to be able to invest in one but take it from The Grateful Griller, the food, the friends, the family, the music, the smells and over all grate times with kamado are in a word, PRICELESS!

Until next time, feed your fires and desire to take all your grilling games higher! The next few lines came to me thanks to old skool Dr. Dre! Peace!

Still Grateful To Be The Griller!

Yeah grillers, I'm back, but then again, I never left.
I've been hang'in all this time preach'in the kamado word and doin fine.
Bring'in my fire to decks across this land, that's it people, take my "gto" hand!
Education, inspiration, rhyme'in off specs and cashing cheques.
This kamado thing is like an infectious bee sting! 
Social media and wikipedia fuel my drive as I strive to spread a message loud and clear with no fear!

Dancing to my own beats and perfecting my smokey treats, representing grillers all across the world,
I'm not just a pretty face with crazy ass curls!
Sticky, saucy, icky, thicky, wings drip'in like honey while my fans allow me to make some money!
To party with the people and the rest they say is yet to come and I still have love for these grilling street's, various cuts and all those meats.
Rubs and glazes, sweet phsycodelic phases!

Cool'in on the corner with fire and wine
clients, guest's all feelin fine!
The time is now to seize this day, the kamado cooker is here to stay!
Proportion blown, Grateful Griller, home grown!
GTO ways ain't no trendy phase but a way of being that you will crave!
A life saver with sky high flavors, wrapped so tight, no need to put up a fight.
Forget the labour and focus on the love, it will set you free like a morning dove!

Grateful Griller's the name, I believe I'm ahead of my game!
Wake up in the AM to season my meat,
tonight my friends you are in for a treat!
Sit back, relax, enjoy the show and witness these grilling games morph and grow!
Star, spangled, banner sky makes me feel so freaking high!
Big dipper, mojito sipper, cruise through this night, the vibes have never felt so right!
To grill and chill and fill our hearts with kamado delight as we welcome a tequila sunrise!

G to the G..............

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hello! The Name's Griller, The Grateful Griller And This Is My Partner, K

Hello grillers all across this grate globe!

I hope that all of you enjoyed plenty of holiday cheer and fab times over the last few weeks with family and friends! I also hope that your grilling games have reached new heights as you all become one with your kamado's!  As I enjoyed plenty of grilling time over the holidays with those who matter most to me, I took advantage of taking it pretty easy and giving myself a chance to reflect on the year about to close and my aspirations for a new dawn and year about to begin!  I love winter in Canada because first off, I am a passionate and all around skier, meaning, I don't simply alpine ski but I cross country ski and telemark ski, the oldest of the techniques brought over to our continent a zillion years ago by the Norse at least I think it was the Norse anyways! LOL!

For me winter is a real time of rest, a time to think and lose myself in my own thoughts as I carve turns into snow or traverse across white landscapes for miles, its truly a time of meditation I guess to ponder what's to come and what's past me by. As funny as it may seem my best idea's about the summer grilling season come to me in the dead of winter and usually while I'm on skiis! It must be the sub zero air or the conifers draped in snow as if someone had gone mad with multiple bags of icing sugar or perhaps its just the silence at certain points of the days that enable me the chance to think. Whatever it is, I love it and I get huge amounts of inspiration from it!

 Today, I love it when I get a call or email from a potential client who doesn't know me from Adam and wants to know and understand what "The Grateful Griller Party Experience" is about and what I can provide in order to make their party a massive success! I love these calls and enquiries because the majority of people think they are hiring a simple caterer but in reality The Grateful Griller and the "party" experience is far more than a catering service and here's why.

2011 marks almost ten years that I have honed my skills at cooking/grilling with the kamado cooker and over these years so much has transpired and I have literally gone from being a one man retailer of the kamado cooker to now being what I call a food entertainment meets marketing vehicle for the kamado cooker itself. You see, when you hire me, The Grateful Griller that is, you are hiring the most passionate and informed personality in Canada currently and perhaps North America on this type of cooker and the great food that comes off these kamado's for you and your guest's is guaranteed to be delicious or your money back! The Grateful Griller Party Experience is also about a totally out of the box way of introducing my clients and their guests to this cooking medium and a way to inspire and educate the masses on these fantastic earthen vessels and a truly amazing lifestyle that revolves around food, family and friends and with the right tunes the mood is set!

As this post title suggests most people today know me as the "griller" and my business partner per say is the kamado or "k" for short. Sounds crazy but trust me friends there's certain method to my grilling madness and much like the Green Hornet had Kato by his side, I feel fortunate, to say the least, about having the kamado by my side for all my parties, big and small! My parties are presented "tapas" style and start with delicious appetizer's followed by one or two main courses, mouth watering sides and desserts that you would never imagine tasting so good after being smoke infused but then again this is The Grateful Griller  Party Experience people!

In 2011 The Grateful Griller Party Experience has added and connected with some awesome local artists and business's that are service driven  to add that much more to your party! From cutting edge photography, to floral arrangements, marquis tents and integrated music of your choice we have it all at our finger tips to take your party higher!

I get asked from time to time who and what inspires me and drives me so hard to continue telling my kamado tales and throwing down these unique parties and surprisingly enough, its not any one particular celeb chef or bbq pitmaster. No, for me friends its artists like Greg Stump, (80's ski movie director, visionary and icon)  and Guy Laliberte, (visionary and Cirque de Soleil founder) who leave me breathless with their talents and always have. Both men didn't create their particular genres or re-invent the wheel but they certainly modified the tread patterns for those tires on those wheels and got down right sticky with their art and inspired millions of people around the globe!

I hope to do the same thing with the kamado cooker and The Grateful Griller Party Experience and let's just say the "griller's" modifying his own tread pattern in 2011 and wants to inspire and share it with the world at large! Want a party? Get in touch for pricing details and until next time, feed those fires friends and the desire to take your kamado grilling games higher!!!!!!!!!

The next few lines were inspired by Van Halen and some 3am random dancing to "unchained"! Lucky for me I didn't wake the house! LOL!!! Grill on, just grill on!!!!!

Unchained Kamado Man!

Non stop talker, 24/7 rocker!
Unchained and blazing while my friends are grazing on decks across this land.
To party, to savour all the smoky flavors that come off your grill "k"!
This ain't love its obsession over my prized possession.
Unchained, and I've hit the road running like a "GTO" on fire watchin the smoke and flames rise higher as their plumes resemble church spires that evaporate into the night sky leaving us breathless over their beauty!

Unchained and untamed I know this ain't about fame but fortune for all to pay it forward!
A chance to show the world how awesome this lifestyle can be "k"!
Head spinning and faces grinning once under this kamado spell one feels the urge to say to hell with the fast lane and the pain, its enough to drive anyone insane!

Let's refrain from the daily rant and instead start to chant as we summon the ancient grilling gods around our global fire ring and sing the praises of the great kamado!
Like grilling spartans dawning our tartans for all the world to see, feel, taste and experience!
Come one and come all and join our grilling tribe and tap into this vibe for now, forever!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Usual Suspects Plus A Few You Need To Know About!

Hey Grilllerssssssssss!

The other night I was having some problems getting to sleep, excitement perhaps of what's ahead for The Grateful Griller as I set my compass bearings for 2011, a year that I'm anticipating will be full of kamado excitement and parties not to mention demo's, and other cool projects I have lined up.  I got to thinking in the silence of the night about what I have learned so far on this journey with the kamado cooker and the reality that there are literally so many people, in the millions in fact who haven't the foggiest idea that the kamado even exists!

After all, it makes sense that in an industry like conventional "bbq"which registers in the billions of dollars on our continent, certain product related gems like the kamado can get lost, even buried amongst the piles of other mass produced items, cookers, widgets and gizmo's etc but perhaps that's exactly what these kamado manufactures want, a chance to fly under the radar, carve out their niche and territory in given markets and get on with it, it being a somewhat simpler life in a slow n steady wins the race style. I respect this approach but I have one BIG problem friends! The kamado cooker has inspired me so much over the past decade that somedays I feel like my head is going to explode right off my shoulders because of how much information is still needed to get across to the masses from Canada to Katmandu on the kamado!

As I continue to tell my stories and attempt to inspire as many people as I can on the positive benefits of the kamado I think its important to reiterate the companies who are making an impact and producing kamado's that at the very least need to be talked about, explored, researched and compared before making your final purchase. I happened to be watching one of my favorite Kevin Spacey flicks the other night, hence the title of this post, "The Usual Suspects" when a few of these thoughts came to mind.

In the beginning for me as some of you know it was all about The Big Green Egg! My branding, my passion, my knowledge and the way I articulated this knowledge to my client base completely revolved around this product that had swept me off my feet so to speak, crazy but true! Little did I realize it at the time but what was transpiring for both myself and my client base amongst all the excitement was the birth and evolution of what today is known as "The Grateful Griller", my own brand, my own idea's and plans to bring a global audience a message, facts without fiction on how the kamado cooker can enhance your deck life, your daily meals, your own parties with the people who matter most to you and then leave it up to the people to purchase a kamado or not, simple as that!

Today, everyone is being sold something! I know this because after all, I have spent over twenty years selling products of various shapes and sizes for a living and when I worked for other brands I took pride and wore that name on my sleeve and still do to a certain extent with my own concept and why not? All we need to do is look all around us, billboards, ads, banners, buses and magazines are everywhere! Everyone has a story and an angle but how does one get the truth today, the dirt on products or services that need to be discovered? The answer is find that transparent entrepreneur, that passionate soul who knows what they are talking about in their given field, unbiased in their opinions, relentless in their ambition to drive forward with facts and the chops to back those facts up, that's how! Sounds kinda like finding a needle in a hay stack but god bless the internet for allowing uber niche companies both big and small the opportunity to build their own foundations to stand upon and spread a message and hopefully a super positive one at that!

I love coming away from a party I have thrown knowing that the formula I have created to inspire and entertain my clients works! They have been introduced to a totally different party experience and been able to taste the difference that the kamado makes and if they need and or want additional information on any of the notable kamado cookers that exist today I have that ready as well, along with the sound advice on what they should be looking for before investing in a kamado!

So, what should you invest in as it relates to the kamado cooker? Loaded question!!!!! First, you have to ask yourself a few questions.

1. How often will you be cooking?

2. How many people will you be cooking for on a regular basis?

3. How much space do you have on your deck?

4. What kind of budget do you have for the investment?

Once you have answered these questions it comes down to choosing your kamado of choice to take you into the next dimension of grilling/cooking!  As we come to the end of 2010 and look ahead to 2011 and beyond here are the "usual suspects" and a few you might never have heard of before but take it from the "grateful griller" friends, they all come to the table with their own unique stories, features and benefits, quirks and quarks and most importantly the ability to make any of your foods taste great!

1. Big Green Egg! The market leader by a long shot and a company that deserves some respect considering they were the first to the plate back in the seventies with this idea thanks to Ed Fischer! You'll pay a premium for the name but the kamado works wonders on anything you throw at it! BGE has become a lot better at producing accessories for their kamado's to enhance your grilling parties! My favorite model is the large even though the medium is what inspired me to become as passionate as I am about these cookers.

2. Kamado Joe! Heads up BGE as these guys just might be your biggest competition in the years to come as they look identical to the worlds apparent no.1 but have a story all to their own and a cooker that does the job day in and day out! Sharp marketing and accessories as well as color options are setting them apart and they have successfully packaged their story better than most in the business! Did I mention that they come pre-assembled which makes my heart flutter indeed! faster set up means more time to chill and grill!

3. Primo!  As I have stated in the past and I'll say it again, "P" stands for Primo and "V" stands for versatility, case closed! The third oldest kamado brand in North America, Primo pack a punch with their oval cookers and their accessories rock for the design they have created! Their XL oval's are one of a few favorites of the "Grateful Griller Party Experience"and have been turning heads up here in Canada for the past few years for sure! Coming to the table with a made in the USA story even Bruce Springsteen would be impressed with the results these kamado's churn out! Bravo boys!

4. GrillDome!  The second oldest brand in the category in the North American marketplace gets my applause for a cooker that not only looks great but performs really nicely as well! Exotic color options, stainless steel accessories, Terepex ceramic story and by far one of the nicest families I have ever engaged with over phone and email, these guys know all about customer service and being there for there fan base! can't wait to see further developments in years to come and also gets delivered fully assembled!

5.  Saffire!  You've all heard of the little guy who packs a punch? Saffire is that little guy and their cooker has started turning heads, no doubt! At first glance one would think its a Dragon Fire but make no mistake, its its own cooker that got put through the Kaffe 1870 test this past summer with over 400 meals cooked on it and its rocking away leaving everyone in ahhhhhhhhh! lean and mean pricing and pre-assembly means simplicity! can't wait to see further developments from these folks as they continue building a major fan base!

6.  Kamado King!  Kamado who you might ask and why haven't I heard of them? Well, the truth is the company's fairly small but the product works well and the chap who owns the company is as interesting as his creation! Based out of New York its the least expensive kamado that I have come across that comes with a full warranty and a guy who's been at this business a hell of a long time! The product comes in two colors and with no thrills or frills but the price tag's sharp at approx $600 Canadian, WOW! The chicken for the record rocks as well!

7.  Komodo Kamado!!!!!!!!  You know that expression saving the best for last? Well, to be fair one realistically cannot and should not compare this masterpiece with any of the ceramic based cookers on the market today because its not ceramic, but refractory instead! That's right, the most insulating kamado cooker of its kind, the only kind that hails from Bali Indonesia. Beautiful doesn't begin to describe it and its every detail. To this day I am still amazed at not only how it cooks but how it looks and operates with cutting edge precision! Not only will you see more from this company as they gain popularity but you will see others taking notes and trying to make their kamado's better because of this company. A truly unique kamado for those who demand the very best in category!

Ok friends, there you have it! The most notable kamado's plus a few you may have never heard of but rest assure there will be more coming soon to a city, town or village near you! Whatever you choose to invest in, know your investing in a special kind of product and remember, there's a lot of garbage in this wide world of ours so do your homework or ping me an email cos I love hearing from you all!  Until we meet again, feed the fire and the desire to take your grilling games higher!!!!!!!!!!!!

Recently I purchased and have been in love with Florence & The Machine and this tune called "cosmic love"! Need I say more? I got loads of inspiration pouring all over me when I came up with these next few lines inspired by this band! Grill on........

Cosmic Kamado Love

The stars, the moon, the sky have been blown up and why?
You and I are telling our story, forget the glory, this is about the bigger picture.
Smoke, fire and earthen vessel!
Desire to take and make the impossible possible!
A falling star plummets from a far as I walk away from the bar on a whim and a prayer I stare at the river going by and I sigh for I know tomorrow will hold more promise.

Like a busker I muster the confidence to carry on singing my kamado song!
For every mile of paved road, there's two miles of ditch and instead of pondering it like a bitch I look upon it like an additional stitch in the kamado quilt I am making without forsaking what really counts in this life.

So go forward I will with this dream to make the people scream for more as they hit the floor dancing like they never have before!
Whatever you do don't ignore their wishes to learn more about this life and this passion for its not some trendy fashion, here today and gone tomorrow!

So come on and follow me, let's be free and agree that food, family, friends and music will get us where we need to go as we bump and grind to this life's to and fro!

G to the G!!!!!!!!!!!!!