Sunday, April 24, 2011

Caterer or Food Entertainer? The Grateful Giller Explains, You Decide

Hello my grilling friends!

Well, it used to be the joke when I lived out west ski bumming it that if you waited five minutes the weather would change on you. I guess the jokes on us east coasters now that we have been teased ever so much with the smell of spring over the last few weeks and then BAM, get yir freaking winter coat back on before you freeze to death! LOL! Ahhhh to be truly Canadian, I love it, and the challenges that come with mother nature. So I got to thinking the other day after a phone call I received from a potential client who's really interested to hire me for a party coming up in June about what people must think and wonder about my concept before they actually send me an email or pick up the phone to make the call and enquire.

I don't blame them a bit because if you haven't experienced my party's and been introduced to the kamado cooker as I present it, its all so new and foreign to most people and although that makes it part of the fun it can also be a bit nerve racking for my clients, but rest assured, when all is said and done everyone who experiences what I have to offer always come back for more and for that I stay humble and keep driving my passion to take the grateful griller party experience to new heights all the time.

I'm careful not to call myself a caterer because I'm not and here's why. Caterers make their money on the foods they create, typically off site and before they get onto location where ever they happen to be working. Caterer's also make their money on the foods that they create and mark up accordingly for you the client, and I don't. That's right, I don't make money or mark up the food I cook and grill for my parties but I do however make my money on the entire concept that I'm presenting to my clients, which is quite labour intensive. This formula has proven successful and competitive for me and my clients over the last few years because my clients get to experience a food concept like no other and I am able to expose and introduce the kamado cooker to everyone in attendance in a very discrete and subtle way and so far the feed back from these events has been really positive!

For me, its always been important that people are taken care of and really experience something that I am  promoting and introducing them to like the kamado cooker. I'm sure this belief of mine stems from my childhood where I was exposed to very close family and friends of my family who loved to entertain and trust me, we entertained a lot. I remember buffet tables full of wonderful and exotic foods, all kinds of wine and spirits, even beer, although it wasn't the chosen beverage in a primarily eastern european family. I remember those parties would happen at one of two houses, either my Aunt and Uncles in the small Laurentian town of Ste Agathe Des Monts, Quebec or at my house in the same town but nestled up in the hills about fifteen minutes away. I remember those parties like it was yesterday. If it were winter time the fire would be going and crackling away while our guests packed the house and if it were spring or summer the veranda would be party central, a hive of laughter and activity while the smell of bbq could be detected from miles away . People would show up by 4ish and not leave until the wee hours of the morning and as I looked on as a wide eyed curious six year old, I took it all in and I mean all of it!

To this day I can remember the smell of perfume blended with rich cigar smoke and music and dancing and people enjoying one another's company, a true experience with food, family, friends and music! It also helped that most of the elders especially my Aunt and Mother could really shake it in the kitchen and I'm talkin about sides of beef that would knock Prince Philip on his ass! Yes indeed friends, all these memories have inspired me on my journey with the kamado to introduce people everywhere to an entertaining, unique, delicious and memorable experience when you hire The Grateful Griller to make that next party happen for you!

I really enjoy connecting with my clients and I always make it a priority to have a one on one meeting with whoever is throwing the event a few months in advance so I can see the lay of the land and fine tune exactly what my client is looking for to make their party memorable. The atmosphere at these parties is always joyous and relaxed while the show unfolds with my kamado cookers taking centre stage. Like a dj with his turn tables I get the party started as I fire up my earthen vessels and begin to manage smoke and fire always striving to find the perfect balance while alchemy takes over and infuses a variety of delicious foods. My staging area is always positioned so my guests feel welcome to interact with me and ask questions about this awesome cooking medium and get up close and personal with the kamado cookers doing their thing.

I'm normally on location at these parties from start to finish ensuring that every detail is taken care of and that my clients are enjoying their own party and not having to worry about anything because after all, why should anyone have to work at their own party? All the foods I prep, grill and serve are fresh the day of the party and are served tapas/buffet style for all to enjoy! My clients have the flexibility when working with me to make their own arrangements for outside tents, party rentals, sanitation needs, photography, music integration and such or I can be of help in these departments with my own contacts that I have successfully worked with over the last few years but rest assured whatever your needs are, they will be met and handled efficiently.

The Grateful Griller Party Experience can be hired for groups ranging from 5 to 125 and I am also launching my deck side kamado demos this Spring for upwards of 12 people so if you happen to own your own kamado or not and want to learn the secrets to grilling that much better on these mystifying vessels you have found the right guy and company and in the words of "Sly And The Family Stone", I want to take you and your party experience higher!

Over the last few weeks I have enjoyed just chilling out to some truly great music as I experiment on my deck with smoke and fire and continue taking my grilling games to higher places and the next few lines were inspired by two artists that couldn't be more opposite but I love them both and really enjoy what they have created over the years. As always the next few lines came to me while listening to "Smashing Pumpkins" and "Minus Blue" and some of the lyrics were borrowed and altered by yours truly!

Feed the fires my friends and all your desires to take your grilling games higher........

Today Is The Greatest Kamado Day!

Today is the greatest day I have ever known!
I'm gonna fire you up,
I'm gonna turn you on,
Can't live for tomorrow when today's not even gone.

I'd tear my heart out and keep shouting out how marvelous you are.
With family at my side and friends at the bar.
I'll be standing not too far with a grin on my face, knowing your the real star of this grilling show "k".

Before I get out, I want it all!
More than you can imagine as we answer the call.
A special place to call my own, the passion in me and the fire in you.
A lifestyle we own as we bring this story home.

This is our choice and my voice will be heard across this land!
As the band tunes up and the lights go down kamado fire will be felt all across this town.
I'm feeling young in my shoes, never preachin the blues but instead I'm sinkin eight ball into corner pocket and with the help of lucky "13" around my neck chain locket I find inspiration to create another occasion to dance my dance in this kamado like trance.

So let's come together right now, in sweet harmony, just you and me, cos I'm gonna fire you up and I'm gonna turn you on.
You know we can't live for tomorrow when today's not even gone.......

peace, fire, smoke and food........


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Love the tune at the end G! And I get the concept. but now I'm hungry...